1:10                        School District Legal Status Metes and Bounds

1:10-R1                 Metes and Bounds Description of Community School District #9, Madison County, IL

1:10-R2                 School District Legal Status

1:20                        District Organization Operations Cooperative Agreements

1:20-AP                                Checklist for Handling Intergovernmental Agreement Requests

1:30                        School District Philosophy

1:30-AP                                School District Philosophy and Mission

2:10                             School District Governance

2:20                        Powers and Duties of the School Board Indemnification

2:20E                     Waiver and Modification Request Resource Guide

2:30                        School Board Elections

2:40                        Board Member Qualifications

2:50                        Board Member Term of Office

2:60                        Board Member Removal from Office

2:70                        Checklist for Filling Board Vacancies by Appointment

2:80                        Board Member Oath and Conduct

2:80-E                    Board Member Code of Conduct

2:100                     Board Member Conflict of Interest

2:105                     Ethics and Gift Ban

2:110                     Qualifications Terms and Duties of Board Officers

2:110-E                 Waiver and Modification Request Process

2:120                     Board Member Development

2:125                     Board Member Compensation; Expenses

2:125-E3               Resolution to Regulate Expense Reimbursements

2:130                     Board Superintendent Relationship

2:140                     Communications to and From the Board

2:140-E                 Guidance for Board Member Communications, Including Email Use

                                                Communications Outside of a Properly Noticed Board Meeting

                                                When Must Email Be Retained?

                                                Non-Record Messages

                                                Official Record Messages

2:150                     Committees

2:150-AP              Superintendent

                                                Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease Program Task Force

                                                Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease Review Team

                                                Employee Drug Abuse Committee

                                                Title I Advisory Committee

                                                Sex Equity Committee

2:160                     Board Attorney

2:160-E              Checklist for Selecting a Board Attorney

2:170                     Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying Services

2:170-AP              Qualification Based Selection

                                                Criteria for Ranking Firms

2:190                     Mailing Lists for Recieving Board Material

2:200                     School Board Meeting Procedure

2:200-AP              Types of School Board Meetings

2:210                     Organizational School Board Meeting

2:220                     School Board Meeting Procedure

2:220-AP              School Board Meeting Procedure

2:220-E1               Board Treatment of Closed Meeting Verbatim Recordings and Minutes

2:220-E2               Motion to Adjourn to Closed Meeting

2:220-E3              Log of Closed Meeting Minutes

2:220-E4              Open Meeting Minutes

2:220-E5              Semi Annual Review of Closed Meeting Minutes

2:220-E6              Log of Closed Meeting Minutes

2:220-E7              Access to Closed Meeting Minutes and Verbatim Recordings

2:220-E8              School Board Records Maintenance Requirements and FAQs

2:230                     Public Participation at School Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board

2:230-AP              Public Participation at School Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board

2:230-E                 Public Participation at School Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board

2:240                     Board Policy Development

2:240-E1               PRESS Issue Updates

2:240-E2               Developing Local Policy

2:240-E3               Policy Manual Updates

2:250                     Access to Districts Public Records - Freedom of Information Act

2:250-AP1            Access To and Copying of District Public Records

2:250-AP2            Protocols Record Preservations Development of Retention Schedules

2:250-E1               Written Request for District Records

2:250-E2               Immediately Available District Public Records and Web Posted Reports and Records

2:250-E3               Inspection Report for District Records

2:260                     Uniform Greivance Procedure

                2:260-AP1              Guidelines for Investigating Complaints and Allegations of Misconduct

                2:260-AP2            Nondiscrimination Coordinator and Complaint Manager

3:10                        Goals and Objectives

3:30                        Line and Staff Relations

3:30-AP                                Line and Staff Relations

3:30-AP2                              Executive Secretarial Employment

3:40                        Superintendent

3:50                        Administrative Personnel Other than the Superintendent

3:50-AP1              Administrative Compensation

                                                Administrative Benefits/Insurance

                                                Unused Earned Absence

3:50-AP2              Vacation Procedure

3:50-AP3              Administrators' Sick Leave

3:50-AP4              Residency Expectations Requirement Form

3:60                        Administrative Responsilities of Building Principal

3:60-E                Reporting Requirements for Building Principals Concerning School Safety and Security

3:70                        Succession of Authority

3:70-AP                Succession Plan


                                                Building Principal

3:90                        Administrative Insurance and Non Union Secretaries

4:10                        Fiscal and Business Management

4:10-AP                Budget Planning Rules and Regulation

                                                Preparation of the Budget

4:15                       Identity Protection

4:15-AP                Protecting the Privacy of Social Security Numbers

4:15-E1                Letter to Employees Regarding the Protection of the Privacy Regarding the Protection of Social Security Numbers

4:15-E2                Statement of Purpose for Collecting Social Security Numbers

4:15-E3               Statement for Employee Manual or District Website Describing the District's Purpose for Collecting Social Security Numbers

4:30                        Revenue and Investments

4:30-AP                Revenues From Tax Sources/Tax Abatement

                                                Revenues From Tax Sources

                                                Tax Abatement

4:40                        Incurring Debt

4:45                        Insufficient Funds Checks

4:45-AP                                Insufficient Fund Checks

4:45-AP2                              Local Debt Recovery Program Implementation Procedures

4:45-E1                                Cover Page Documenting the Process to Seek Offset from the Office of the Comptroller

4:45-E2                                Claim and Intent to Seek Debt Recovery

4:50                        Payment Procedures

4:50-E                    Payment Procedures

4:55                        Use of Credit and Procurement Cards

4:55-E                    Cardholders Statement Affirming Familiarity with Use of Credit Cards

4:60                        Purchases

4:60-AP1             Purchases

4:60-AP2              Third Party Non-Instructional Contracts

4:60-AP3              Criminal History Records Check of Contractor Employees

4:60-AP4              Federal Award Procurement Procedures

4:60-AP4-E1              Internal Procedures for Procurement

4:60-E                    Notice to Contractors

4:70                        Resource Conservation

4:70-AP                                Resource Conservation

4:80                        Accounting and Audits

4:80-AP                                Checklist for Internal Controls

4:85                        District Capitalization Threshold

4:90                        Activity Funds

4:90-AP                Student Activity Fund Management and Ticket Sales

                                                Fees And Regulations Concerning Athletic Ticket Sales and Admissions

4:90-AP2                Procedure for Handling and Collecting Money

4:100                     Insurance Management

4:100-AP1            Workers' Compensation

4:100-E1               Employee Weekly Questionaire

4:100-E2               Site Safety Interview Report

4:100-E3               Witness Form

4:110                     Transportation

4:110-AP1            School Bus Post-Accident Checklist

4:110-AP2            Bus Driver Com Devices Pre Trip and Post Inspection Comments

                                                Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections

            Bus Driving Comments

4:110-AP3            School Bus Safety Rules

4:110-E            Emergency Medical Information for Students Having Special Needs of Medical Conditions Who Ride School Buses

4:120                     Food Services

4:120-AP              Food Services Competitive Food Exemptions

                                                Food and Beverages Sold to Student in Grades 8 or Below

                                                Competitive Foods

4:130                     Free and Reduced Price Food Services

4:130-E              Free and Reduced Price Food Services Meal Charge Notifications

4:140                     Waiver of Student Fees

4:140-AP              Fines, Fees, and Charges – Waiver of Student Fees

                                                Student  Fees

                                                Annual Public Announcement

                                                                Letter to Parents

                                                                Public Release

                                                Application Procedure

                                                Appeal Procedures

4:140-E1               Application for Fee Waiver

4:140-E2               Response to Application for Fee Waiver, Appeal, and Response to Appeal

4:140-E3               Resolution to Increase Driver Education Fees

4:140-E4               Response to Appeal Fee Waiver Denial

4:150                     Facility Management and Building Program

4:160                     Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds

4:160-AP              Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds

                                                Pesticide Application

                                                Training and Necessary Equipment

                                                Substitute Non-Hazardous Materials

                                                Infectious Materials

                                                Emergency Response Plan


4:170                     Safety

                                                Safety and Security

                                                School Safety Drill Plan

                                                Soccer Goal Safety

                                                Emergency Closing

4:170-AP1            Comprehensive Safety and Security Plan

                                                A. Safety and Security-Related Administrative Procedures and Forms

                                                B. Definitions

                                                C. District Safety Coordinator and Safety Team; Responsibilities

                                                D. Safety Team Meetings

                                                E. Annual Safety Review

                                                F. School Safety Drill Plan

                                                G. School Emergency Operations Plan (School EOP)

                                                H. Material to be Included in Each School EOP

                                                I. Managing Communications During and About an Emergency or Crisis

                                                J. Required Notices

                                                K. Resources

                                                Attachment - School Emergency Operations Plan Format

4:170-AP2            Routine Communications Concerning Safety and Security

4:170-AP2-E2      Letter to Parents/Guardians Regarding Educational Programs About the Dangers of Underage Drinking

4:170-AP2-E3      Letter to Parents/Guardians About Disruptive Social Media Apps; Dangers

4:170-AP2-E4      Letter to Parents/Guardians About Preventing and Reducing Incidences of Sexting

4:170-AP3            School Bus Safety Rules

4:170-AP4            National Terrorism Advisory System

4:170-AP5            Unsafe School Choice Option

Unsafe School Choice Option Available to Any Student Who is a Victim of a Violent Criminal Offense Occurring on School Grounds During Regular School Hours or During a School-Sponsored Event

4:170-AP6            Plan for Responding to a Medical Emergency at a Physical Fitness Facility with an AED

4:170-AP6-E2      Notification to Staff and Parents/Guardians of CPR and AED Video

4:170-AP7            Targeted School Violence Prevention Program

4:170-AP7-E1            Threat Assessment Decision Tree

4:170-AP7-E2            Threat Assessment Documenation and Response

4:170-AP7-E3            Targeted School Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment Education

4:170-AP8            Movable Soccer Goal Safety

4:170-AP9            Emergency Closing and Cancellation of Sponsored Functions

4:170-E1               Accident Form

4:170-E2               Memo to Staff Members Regarding Contacts By Media About a Crisis

4:170-E4               Letter to Parents Regarding Student Safety

4:170-E6               Automatic External Defibrillator Incident Report

4:170-E7               Annual School Safety Review

4:170-E8               Informing Parents About Offender Community Notification Laws

4:175                     Convicted Child Sex Offender; Screening; Notifications

4:175-AP1            Criminal Offender Notification Laws; Screening

4:175-AP1 E1       Informing Parents/Guardians About Offender Community Notification Laws

4:180                     Pandemic Prepardness

4:180-AP1            Action Steps for Pandemic Influenza

                                                Prior to Outbreak/Preparedness and Planning Phase

                                                Outbreak of Flu Disease

                                                Expansion of the Outbreak

                                                Continued Expansion of the Outbreak

                                                Following the Outbreak

4:180-AP2            Pandemic Influenza Surveillance and Reporting

4:190                        Fraud

5:10                       Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment

5:10-AP              Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

5:10-AP1              Equal Employment Opportunity Under Title IX

5:10-AP2              Recruitment and Hiring of Minority Employees

5:10-E1                 Title IX Grievance Form

5:10-E2                 Title IX Appeal Form

5:20                        Workplace Harrassment Prohibited

5:20-AP                 Sample Questions for Conducting the Internal Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Investigation

5:20-E1                 Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

5:20-E2                 Sexual Harassment Witness Disclosure Form

5:22                        Staff-Student Relations and Ethics

5:30                        Hiring Process and Criteria

5:30-AP1              Interview Questions

5:30-AP2              Investigations

                                    Immigration Investigation

Criminal History Records Check

Reporting New Hires

Professional Hiring Process

                         Student Teachers


                         Report New Hires

5:30-AP3              Interviewing and Hiring Process

                                    Hiring Process

Educational Support Employed Personnel Wishing to Transfer to an Open Position

     of Vacancies/New Teaching Position

     of Coaches

     of Department Heads/Club Sponsors

     of District Wide Department Heads (Nurse, Speech Pathologist, OT/PT)

     Club Sponsors

     Support Personnel and Non-Supervisory Applicants


     Performance Standards

     Employment, Including Title I Aides, Library Aides

     Monitor Position

     Personnel Employment

5:33                        Criteria for Employment into Educational Support Personnel Positions

5:35                        Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act

5:35-AP1               Fair Labor Standards Act Exemptions

5:35-AP2               Employee Records Required by the Fair Labor Standard Act

5:35-AP3               Compensable Work Time for Non-Exempt Employees Under the FLSA

5:35-AP4               Fair Labor Standards Act 12-Step Compliant Checklist

5:35-E               Volunteer Agreement Executed by a Non-Exempt Employee

5:40                        Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease

5:40-AP               Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease

                                                Evaluation of the Employee's Condition

                                                Monitoring Employee's Condition

                                                Employee Dismissal


5:50                        Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Tobacco Prohibition

5:52                        Employee Substance Posession and Abuse

5:60                        Expenses

5:62                        District Cell Telephones District Vehicles

5:70                        Religious Holidays

5:80                        Court Duty

5:82                        Leave and Absence Policies Applying to All Employees

5:90                        Abused and Neglected Child Reporting

5:100                     Staff Development Expenses

5:100-AP            Staff Development Program

5:100-AP1            Professional Improvement/Education Support Staff

5:100-AP2            Staff Conferences and Meetings

5:100-E2               Subject Approval Form

5:110                     Recognition for Service

5:115                     Recognition of Attendance

5:120                     Ethics and Conduct

5:120-AP1            Statement of Economic Interests for Employees

5:120-AP2            Employee Conduct Standards

5:120-E             Code of Ethics for Illinois Educators

5:125                     Personal Technology and Social Media Usage and Conduct

5:125-E            Employee Receipt of Board Policy on Personal Technology and Social Media

5:130                     Responsiblities Concerning Internal Information

5:130-AP              Email Retention

                                                Non-Record Messages

                                                Official Record Messages

5:131                     Staff Dress Code

5:140                     Solicitations By or From Staff

5:150                     Personnel Records

5:150-AP              Personnel Records

5:170                     Copyright

5:170-AP              Copyright Compliance

5:170-AP2              Seeking Permission to Copy or Use Copyrighted Works

5:170-AP3              Instructional Materials and Computer Programs Developed Within the Scope of Employment

5:170-AP4              Designation of District Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Agent; Registration Process

5:170-E              Request to Reprint or Adapt Material

5:180                     Temporary Illness or Temporary Incapacity

5:182                     Modified Work Assignment

5:182-AP              Modified Work Assignment

5:185                     Family and Medical Leave

5:185-AP              Resource Guide for Family and Medical Leave

5:190                     Teacher Qualifications

5:190-E1                Notice to Parents of their Right to Request their Child's Classroom Teachers' Qualifications

5:190-E2                Notice to Parents When their Child is Assigned to or Has Been For at Least Four Straight Weeks by a Teacher Who Does Not Meet Applicable State Certification/Licensure Requirements

5:190-E3                Letter to Teacher Who Does Not Meet Applicable State Certification/Licensure Requirements for the Grade Level and Subject Area of Assignment

5:200                     Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal

Duty-Free Lunch

School Year and Day, Salary, Dismissal

Reduction in Force

Seniority Tie-Breakers

Assignments and Transfers

Extra-Curricular Assignments


Professional Personnel Assessment

Assessment Document

Evaluation Cycle

Review of Evaluation - Second Assessment

Remediation Plan

Assessment System for Regular Classroom Teachers

Assessment System for Title I Teachers

Assessment System for Special Education Teachers

Assessment System for Guidance Counselors

Assessment System for Nurses

Previous Teaching and Experience Credit

Outside Vocational Experience Credit

5:202                     Summer School Employment Policy

5:210                     Resignations

5:210-AP1            Health Insurance for retirees prior to Age 65

5:210-AP2            Early Retirement

5:210-E                 Letters of Employment

5:220                     Substitute Employees

5:220-AP            Substitute Employees

5:220-E             Unsatisfactory Performance Report Substitute Teachers

5:230                     Maintaining Student Discipline

5:240                     Suspension

5:240-AP           Suspensions

5:250                     Leaves of Absence

5:250-AP           School Visitation Leave

5:250-AP2            Leaves of Absence

5:250-AP3            Fringe Benefits

                                                Health and Life Insurance Plan

                                                Emergency Leave

                                                Sick Leave

                                                Deductions for Sick Leave, Emergency Leave, and Personal Leave

5:260                     Student Teachers

5:270                     Employment at Will Compensation and Assignment

5:270-E           Notice of Employment

5:280                     Duties and Qualification

5:285                     Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers

5:285-AP           Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers

5:290                     Employment Termination Suspensions

5:300                     Schedules and Employment Year

5:310                     Compensatory Time Off

5:310-E                 Agreement to Receive Compensatory Time Off

5:320                     Evaluation

5:320-E                 Classified Assessment Form

5:330                     Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays, and Leaves

5:330-E1               Sick Leave Reserve

5:330-E2               Salary Adjustment Request

5:330-E3               Subject Approval Form

5:330-AP3            Sick Leave Reserve

6:10                        Educational Philosophy and Objectives

6:15                        School Accountability

6:15-AP              School Choice and Supplemental Education Services               

6:15-AP1              Consequences for a SCHOOL Missing Adequate Yearly Progress               

                                                After FIRST Year of Missing AYP

                                                After SECOND Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

                                                After THIRD Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

                                                After FOURTH Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

                                                After FIFTH Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

                                                After SIXTH Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

6:15-AP2              Consequences for a District Missing Adequate Yearly Progress

                                                Each Year that the District Misses AYP

                                                After SECOND Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

                                                After THIRD Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

                                                After FOURTH Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

                                                After FIFTH Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

                                                After SIXTH Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

                                                After Seventh Consecutive Year of Missing AYP

6:15-AP3              School Choice for Students Enrolled in a School Identified for Improvement, Corrective Action, or Restructuring


                                                Criteria for Selecting Choice Recipient School

                                                Priority for Selecting Students Who Request a Transfer

                                                Preparing to Offer Choice

                                                Offering Choice

6:15-AP4              Compliance Steps for Providing Supplemental Educational Services



                                                Initial Administrative Steps

                                                Determine Which Students Will be Offered SES

                                                Parent Involvement

                                                Executing the Parent’s Choice of SES Provider

                                                Evaluating SES Providers


6:15-E2                 Notice to Parents of Children Enrolled in a School that Missed AYP for Two or More Consecutive Years

                                                What was the Reason for the Identification?

                                                What is the School doing in Order to Improve?

                                                How Can Parents/Guardians Become Involved in Addressing Academic Issues?

                                                What is the School Choice Transfer Option?

                                                What is the Option for Supplemental Education Services (SES)?

6:15-E3                 Application for School Choice Transfer Option

6:15-E4                 Application for Supplemental Education Services

6:20                        School Year Calendar and Day

6:20-AP                Holidays

6:30                        Organization of Instruction

6:40                        Curriculum Development

6:40-AP                Curriculum Development

                                                Faculty Committee

                                                Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

6:50                        School Wellness

6:50-AP2              Wellness Procedures

6:50-E              School Wellness

6:60                        Curriculum Content

6:60-AP              Comprehensive Health Education Program

6:60-AP2              Independent Reading Program

6:60-E1                 Notice to Parents and Guardians of Students Enrolled in Family Life and Sex Education Classes

6:60-E2                 Class Attendance Waiver Request

6:60-E3                 Request to Examine Instructional Material

6:65                        Student Social and Emotional Developments

6:70                        Teaching About Religions

6:70-AP                                Teaching About Religions

6:80                        Teaching About Controversial Issues

6:90                        Kindergarten

6:100                     Using Animals in the Educational Program

6:100-AP              Dissection of Animals

6:100-E              Guidelines and Application for Using Animals in School Facilities

6:110                     Programs for Students at Risk of Academic Failure or Dropping

6:120                     Education of Children with Disabilities

6:120-E                 Notice to Parents/Guardians Regarding Section 504 Rights

6:120-AP1              Special Education Procedures Assuring the Implementation of Comprehensive Programming for Children with Disabilities

                                                Identification of Disabled Children – Public Awareness

                                                Identification of Disabled Children – Screening

                                                Identification of Disabled Children – Referral

                                                Evaluation of Disabled Children

                                                Placement of Disabled Children

                                                Instructional Programs

                                                Resource and Support Services

                                                Due Process

                                                Temporary Special Education Records

6:120-AP1 E2            Special Education Required Notice and Consent Forms

6:120-AP2                  Access to Classrooms and Personnel

6:120-AP2 E1            Request to Access Classrooms of Personnel Special Education Evaluation and/or Observation Purposes

6:120-AP3                  Service Animals

6:120-AP3 E1             Request for Service Animal to Accompany Student in School Facilities

6:120-AP4                  Care of Students with Diabetes

6:130                     Program of the Gifted

6:140                     Education of Homeless Children

6:140-AP              Education of Homeless Children

6:145                     Migrant Students

6:150                     Home and Hospital Instruction

6:150-AP              Home and Hospital Instruction

                                                Acute (short term)

                                                Amount of Service

                                                Recruitment of Teachers

                                                Chronic Cases

                                                                Chronic (long term)

                                                                Chronic Infectious Disease

                                                                Interim Special Education Services

                                                                Other Appropriate Special Educational Placement

                                                Parent Responsibilities

                                                Teacher Responsibilities (Assigned Home Teachers)

                                                Principal (Grades 1 – 5) Counselor (Grades 6 – 12) Responsibilities

                                                Hospital Instruction

                                                                Staff Recruitment

                                                                Parent Responsibilities

                                                                Teacher Responsibilities (Assigned Hospital Teachers)

                                                                Principal (Grades K – 5) Counselor Responsibilities (Grade 6 – 12)

                                                Instruction Calendar

                                                Substitute Compensation (Home Instruction)

                                                Compensation for Teachers Employed By Other Districts

                                                Grading and Reporting

                                                Credits (High School Only)

                                                                Maintenance Program

                                                                Alternative Home Hospital Instructional Program


                                                                IAHP Program

                                                                Parent/Student Collaboration

                                                                Questions to be Considered


6:160                     English Language Learners

6:170                     Title I Programs

6:170-AP1            Checklist for Development Implementation and Mainteance of Parent and Family Engaged Compacts for Title I Programs

6:170-AP1-E1      District-Level Parent and Family Engagement Compact

6:170-AP1-E2      School-Level Parent and Family Engagement Compact

6:170-AP2            Notice to Parents Required by Elementary and Secondary Education Act, McKinney-Vento Homeless Act, and Protection of Pupil Rights Act

6:170-AP2-E1      District Annual Report Card Required by Every Student Succeeds Act

6:170-AP3            No Child Left Behind Checklist

6:170-E1               District-Level Parental Involvement Compact

6:170-E2               School-Level Parental Involvement Compact

                                                Parent/Guardian Involvement

                                                Shared Responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement

                                                Building Capacity for Involvement

6:180                     Extended Instructional Programs

6:180-AP              Summer School

6:185                     Remote Educational Program

6:190                     Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

6:190-AP              Eligibility for Participation in Extracurricular Activities

6:200                     Instructional Arrangments

6:210                     Instructional Materials

6:210-E                 Media Exclusion Form

6:220                     Bring Your Own Technology Program

6:220-AP                 Textbook Selection

6:220-E1                 Authorization to Participate in the Bring Your Own Technology Program Responsible Use and Conduct Agreement

6:220-E2                 Bring Your Own Technology Program Student Guidelines

6:230                     Library Media Program

6:230-AP1            Complaints on Library and Resource Materials

                                                Secondary School (Grades 6 – 12)

                                                Elementary School (Grades K – 5)


6:230-AP2            School Library Bill of Rights

6:230-AP3            List of Selection Tools Used in Granite City C.U.S.D. #9 School Libraries





6:230-E                 Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration of Materials

6:235                     Access to Electronic Networks

6:235-AP1            Acceptable Use of Electronic Networks

                                                Terms and Conditions

                                                Use of Electronic Mail

                                                Internet Safety

6:235-AP2            Web Publishing Guidelines

                                                General Requirements

                                                Publishing Expectations

                                                Protecting Student and Staff Privacy

                                                Submitting Material to be Published

                                                Different Levels of Web Publication

                                                Department Level

                                                School Level

                                                Staff Level

                                                Student Level

6:235-AP3            District #9 Password Procedure



                                                Password Construction Guidelines

                                                Password Protection Guidelines


6:235-AP4            Keeping Yourself and Kids Safe on Social Networks

6:235-E1               Student Authorization for Electronic Network Access

6:235-E2               Staff Authorization for Electronic Network Access

6:235-E3               Online Privacy Statement

                                                Network Traffic Logs

                                                Web – Visit Logs


                                                Information Voluntarily Provided by You

                                                Web Links to Non – District Sites

6:235-E4               Keeping Yourself and Your Kids Safe on Social Networks

6:235-E5               Children's Online Privacy Protecion Act

6:240                     Field Trips

6:240-AP            Field Trip Guidelines

6:240-AP1            Field Trip Regulations

6:250                     Community Resource Persons and Volunteers

6:250-AP              Securing and Screening Resource Persons and Volunteers


                                                Persons Not Allowed to Serve as Volunteers



                                                Selection, Placement, and Supervision




6:250-E               Resource Person/Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability

6:250-E2               Local Criminal History Background Investigation Request Form

6:255                     Assemblies and Ceremonies

6:260                     Complaints about Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Programs

6:260-AP              Request for Re-Evaluation of Instructional Materials

6:260-E                 Curriculum Objection

6:270                     Guidance and Counseling Program

6:280                     Grading and Promotion

6:280-AP            Evaluating and Reporting Student Achievement

6:280-AP1            Grading

                                                Reporting to Parents

                                                Promotion, Retention, and Remediation (Elementary and Middle School levels)

6:280-AP2            Semester Exam Policy

6:280-AP3            Grade Point Average Recognition and Class Rank Policy

6:280-AP4            Promotion and Retention of Students

                                                Elementary Schools (K – 6)



                                                                Grade 1 – 6

                                                Junior High (7 – 8)

                                                Senior High (9 – 12)

6:290                     Homework

6:300                     Graduation Requirements

6:300-AP1            Pupil Graduation/Termination from Community Unit School District #9

6:300-AP2            Participation of Students With Disabilities in Graduation Ceremony/Certificate of Completion

6:300-AP3           Presentation of High School Diplomas

6:300-E1               Application for a Diploma for Veterans of WWII or the Korean Conflict

6:300-E2               State Law Graduation Requirements

6:300-E3               Graduation Certfiication of Completion

6:310                     High School Credit for Non District Experiences Course Substitutions Re-Entering Students

6:310-AP              Physical Education Waiver

6:310-E                 Class Substitution Request

6:315High School Credit for Students in Grade 7 or 8

6:320                     Credit for Proficiency

6:330                     Achievement and Awards

6:340                     Student Testing and Assessment Programs

6:340-AP              Group Testing Program




                                                Handling of Test Information

                                                Test Administration

7:10                        Equal Educational Opportunities

7:10-AP              Accommodating Transgender Students or Gender Non-Conforming Students

7:10-AP1              Student Goals

7:10-AP2              Education of Expectant Mothers


7:15                        Student and Family Privacy Rights

7:15-E                    Notification to Parents of Family Privacy Rights

7:20                        Harassment of Students Prohibited

7:20-AP                Harassment of Students Prohibited

7:30                        Student Assignment and Intra-District Transfer

7:30-AP1              School District Attendance Center Boundaries

7:30-AP2              School District Attendance Center Boundaries by Street

7:30-AP3              School District Attendance Center Boundaries-Secondary

7:40                        Nonpublic School Students Including Parochial and Home Schooled Students

7:40-AP                                Placement of Nonpublic School Students Transferring into the District

7:50                        School Admissions and Student Transfers to and from Non-District Schools

7:50-AP              School Admissions and Student Transfers To and From Non-District Schools

                                                Transferring In

                                                Transferring Out

7:50-AP2              Exchange Students

                                                Admission of Non – Immigrant Students

                                                Granite City Students Involved in Foreign Exchange

                                                Record Keeping Procedures

7:50-E1                 Foreign Exchange Student Admission Agreement

7:50-E2                 Foreign Exchange Student Admission Agreement

7:60                        Residence

7:60-AP1              Challenging a Student’s Residence Status

7:60-AP2              Establishing Student Residency

7:60-AP2-E1        Letter of Residence from Landlord in Lieu of Lease

7:60-AP2-E2        Letters of Residence to be used when the Person Seeking to Enroll a Student is Living with a District Resident

7:60-AP2-E3        Evidence of Non-Parent’s Custody, Control, and Responsibility of a Student

7:70                        Attendance and Truancy

7:80                        Release Time for Religious Instruction Observance

7:90                        Release During School Hours

7:100                     Health and Dental Examinations and Exclusion of Students

7:130                     Student Rights and Responsibilities

7:140                     Search and Seizure

7:140-AP              Use of Metal Detectors for Student Safety

7:140-E              Letter to Parents / Guardians Regarding the Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act

7:150                     Agency and Police Interviews

7:150-AP              Agency and Police Interviews

                                                Interviews by School Resource Office

                                Interviews by Police Offices other than the School Resource Office (concerning non-school related events)

                                Interviews by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)

7:150-E1               Police Department – Student Interview Authorization

7:150-E2               Police Department – Student Removal Authorization

7:150-E3               Department of Children and Family Services Student Interview Authorization

7:150-E4               Department of Children and Family Services Student Removal Authorization

7:150-E5               Agency-Student Interview Authorization

7:160                     Student Appearance

7:160-AP              Code of Dress

7:160 E              Indigent Application

7:160-R                 Code of Dress Resolution

7:165                     Student Identification

7:165-AP              Student Identification

7:170                     Vandalism

7:180                     Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment

7:180-AP1           Prevention Identification Investigation and Response to Bullying

7:180-AP1 E1            Resource Guide for Bullying and School Violence Prevention

7:180-AP1 E2            Be a Hero by Reporting Bullying and School Violence

7:180-AP1 E3            Memo to Staff Regarding Bullying and School Violence

7:180-AP1 E4            Memo to Parents/Guardians Regarding Bullying and School Violence

7:180-AP1 E5            Report Form for Bullying and School Violence

7:180-AP1 E6            Interview Form for Bullying and School Violence Investigation

7:180-AP1 E7           Reponse to Bullying and School Violence

7:185                     Teen Dating Violence Prohibited

7:185-E            Exhibit Memo to Parents Guardians Regarding Teen Dating Violence

7:190                     Student Discipline

7:190-AP1            Student Handbook-Hazing Prohibited

7:190-AP2            Student Handbook – Gang Activity Prohibited

7:190-AP3            Guidelines for Reciprocal Reporting of Criminal Offenses Committed by Student

7:190-AP4            Use of Isolated Time Out and Physical Restraint

7:190-AP5            Electronic Devices

                                                Electronic Signaling Devices

                                                Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

7:190-AP6            Guidelines for Investigating Sexual Allegations

7:190-AP7            Student Discipline Guidelines

7:190-AP8             Student Re Engagement Guidelines

7:190-E1                 Aggressive Behavior Reporting Letter and Form

7:190-E2                 Student Handbook Checklist

7:190-E3                 General Law Enforcement & School Resource Officer Memorandum of Understanding

7:190-E4                 Student Handbook Checklist

7:200                     Suspension Procedures

7:200-E1              Short Term Out of School Suspension 1-3 Days Reporting Form

7:200-E2              Long Term Out-of-School Suspension 4-10 Days Reporting Form

7:210                     Expulsion Procedures

7:210-E1              Notice of Expulsion Hearing

7:215                     Completion of Entire Term of Suspension or Expulsion

7:220                     Bus Conduct

7:220-AP              Use of Video Cameras on School Buses

                                                Review of Videotapes

                                                Student Conduct

7:230                     Misconduct by Students with Disabilities

7:230-AP              Misconduct by Students with Disabilities

                                                Special Education Suspension Procedures

                                                Special Education Expulsion Procedures

                                                Weapon and Drug Offenses

Change of Placement if Maintenance of Current Placement is Likely to Result in Injury

7:240                     Conduct Code for Participants in Extracurricular Activities

7:240-AP1              Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Activities

7:240-AP2              Extracurricular Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

7:240-AP2 E1             Consent to Participate in Extracurricular Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

7:240-E                 Consent to Participate in Extracurricular Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

7:250                     Student Support Services

7:250-AP1            Measures to Control the Spread of Head Lice at School

7:250-AP2            Protocol for Responding to Students with Social, Emotional, or Mental Health Problems

                                                Student Support Committee



                                                School Counseling, Social Work, and Psychological Services

                                                Psycho-Educational Groups

                                                School and Community Linkages

7:260                     Exemption from Physical Education

7:270                     Administering Medicines to Students

7:270-AP1             Dispensing Medication

7:270-AP2            Checklist for District Supply of Epinephrine Auto Injectors

7:270-E                 School Medication Authorization Form

7:275                     Orders to Forgo Life Sustaining Treatment

7:280                     Communicable and Chronic Infectious Diseases

7:280-AP              Managing Students with Communicable or Infectious Diseases

                                                Managing Students with Communicable of Infectious Diseases

                                Managing a Student with a Communicable of Infectious Disease Who Demonstrates Behavior that Could Result In Infecting Other Students or Staff Members

                                General Post-Evaluation Procedures

7:280-E1               Placement of Students with AIDS

                                                OCR Policy on the School Placement of Children with AIDS

                                                Where Should Children with AIDS Be Educated

                                                A Child with AIDS Has a Right to Section 504 Procedural Safeguards

                                                A Child with AIDS Has a Right to Confidentiality

7:280-E2               Reporting and Exclusion Requirements for Common Communicable Diseases

7:280-E3               Prevention of Staphylococcal Infections for Schools

7:285                     Food Allergy Management Program

7:285-AP              Implementing a Food Allergy Management Program

7:290                     Adolescent Suicide Awareness and Prevention Programs

7:290-AP              Adolescent Suicide and Crisis Intervention

                                                Identification of the At – Risk Student

                                                Documentation Regarding the At – Risk Student

7:300                     Extracurricular Athletics

7:300-AP1            Athletic Team Unscheduled Participation in Overnight Invitational Tournaments

                                                Guidelines for the Trip

7:300-AP2            Individual Participation in Non-School I.H.S.A. Athletics

7:300-AP3            Sunday Practices by Athletic Teams

7:300-E1               Agreement to Participate

7:300-E2               Certificate of Physical Fitness for Participation in Athletics

7:300-E3               Authorization for Medical Treatment Form


7:300-E4               IHSA Preparticipation Exam

7:305                     Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries

7:305-AP              Program for Managing Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries

7:310                     Restrictions on Publications; Elementary Schools

7:310-AP              Guidelines for Student Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Publications

7:315                     Restrictions on Publications; High Schools

7:325                     Student Fund Raising Activities

7:325-AP              Request for Fundraising Activity

7:325-E               Application and Procedures to Solicit Students for Fundraising

7:330                     Student Use of Buildings Equal Access

7:330-AP              Student Use of Buildings and Equal Access

7:330-E                 Application for Student Groups that Are Not School Sponsosred to Request Free Use of School Premises for Meetings

7:340                     Student Records

7:340-AP1              Student Records

                                                Student Records Defined

                                                Maintenance of School Student Records

                                                Access to Student Records

                                                Orders of Protection

                                                Directory Information

                                                Student Record Challenges

7:340-AP1 E1              Notice to Parents, Guardians, and Students of Their Rights Conerning a Students School Records

The Right to Inspect and Copy the Student’s Education records with 15 School Days of the Day the District Receives a Request for Access

The Right to Request the Amendment of the Student’s Education Records That the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) or Eligible Student Believes are Inaccurate, Misleading, Irrelevant, or Improper

The right to permit disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information Contained in the Student’s Education Records, Except to the Extent That the FERPA or Illinois School Student Records Act authorizes Disclosure Without Consent

The Right to a Copy of Any School Student Record Proposed to be Destroyed or Deleted

The Right to Prohibit the Release of Directory Information Concerning the Parent’s/Guardians’s Child

The Right to Request that Military Recruiters or Institutions of Higher Learning not be granted access to your secondary school student’s name, address, and telephone numbers without your prior written consent

The Right Contained in this Statement:  No Person May Condition the Granting or Withholding of any right, Privilege or Benefits or Make as a Condition of Employment, Credit, or Insurance the Securing by Any Individual of Any Information from a Student’s Temporary Record Which Such Individual May Obtain Through the Exercise of Any Right Secured UnderState Law.

The Right to File a Complaint With the U.S. Department of Education Concerning Alleged Failures By the District to Comply With the Requirements of FERPA.

7:340-AP1-E2               Using a Photograph or videotape of a Student

7:340-AP1-E3               Letter to Parents and Eligible Students Concerning Military Recruiters and Postsecondary Institutions Receiving Student Directory Information

7:340-AP1-E4               Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Military Recruiter Access to Students and Student Information

7:340-AP1-E5               Biometric Information

7:340-AP2-E1               Letter Containing Schedule for Destruction of School Student Records

7:340-E6               Request for Release of Student Records

8:10                        Connection with the Community

8:20                        Community Use of School Facilities

8:20-AP                Special Events Liability Coverage for Mississippi Valley Insurance Company and Use of Facility Fees




                                                                Schedule of Special Events Non-School Sponsored

                                                Athletic Events

                                                School Year

8:20-E1                 Hold Harmless Agreement

8:20-E2                 Application and Procedures for Use of School Facilities

8:25                        Advertising and Distributing Materials in Schools Provided by Non-School Related Entities

8:25-AP1              Advertising and Distributing Materials in Schools Provided by Non-School Related Entities

Requests from Community, Educational, Charitable, Recreational Organizations, or other Similar Civic Groups

Requests from Commercial Companies to Advertise and/or Distribute Material

8:25-AP2              Advertising in the Schools

8:30                        Visitors To and Conduct on School Property

8:30-AP                Definition of Child Sex Offender

8:30-E1                 Letter to Parent Regarding Visits to School by Child Sex Offenders

8:30-E2                 Child Sex Offender’s Request for Permission to Visit School Property

8:40                        Spectator Conduct at School Events

8:50                        Visitors to the Schools

8:50-AP                                Rules Governing Visitors to Schools

8:60                        Exclusive Bargaining Representative Agent

8:70                        Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities

8:80                        Gifts to the District

8:90                        Parent Organizations

8:95                        Parental Involvement

8:95-AP                Parental Involvement

                                                Student Records


                                                Parent – Teacher Advisory Committee

                                                Curriculum Involvement

                                                Conferences and Hearings

                                                Report on Parental Involvement


                                                Opportunities for Involvement as Provided in Board Policies

8:95-E1                 Letter Notifying Parents of School Visitation Rights

                                                School Visitation Rights Act



                                                School Conference and Activity Leave




                                                Employee Rights



                                                Limits on Leave

8:95-E2                 Verification of School Visitation

8:100                     Relations with Other Organizations and Agencies

8:110                     Public Suggestions and Concerns

8:120                     Tuition Waiver Agreement CUSD #9 and Southwestern Illinois College

8:120-AP              Tuition Waiver Policy – Southwestern Illinois College



                                                Continuation of Tuition Waiver Award

                                                Deadline for Submitting Application

                                                Composition of Screening Committee

Guidelines For Screening Committee For Selecting Recipients of Tuition Waivers at Soughwestern Illinois College, Granite City Campus

8:130                     Senior Citizens

8:130-AP              Senior Citizens